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Kenay Mural Project 2010

Kenya Mural Project 2010 was our second project of going to Magoso School, the orphanage and school in Kibera Slum in Kenya, the largest one in East Africa. Artist Kensuke Miyazaki raised the fund by his own art activities, like selling his original postcards and holding events at 15 diffierent occasions in Japan.
He also organized a study tour for a wall painting there and brought 9 people along on his journey to Kenya.
During the one-month stay in Kenya from Nov. 15th, 2010, he completed a mural in Magoso School and another orphanage (JUMBA LA WATOTO).
Also, With the support of painting material from Pentel Co., Ltd., he offered painting classes to 100 kids in both Magoso School and Moyo Children Center, with support of Pentel Co., Ltd. For painting material,

Kibera Slum

Kibera Slum is a district in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, and is the second largest slum in Africa after Sowet in South Africa. Its population is said to be 1 million or more. Kibera Slum was established more than 100 years ago, therefore holding its unique residential rights and rules as well as maintaining the order. Its size is approximately 14km²(2.5km x 5.6km; about 20 times as large as Tokyo Dome).

Painting Class

It is not uncommon for the kids in Kibera Slum that they have barely picked up a brush. We provided color paints for them and let them draw anything they like to draw. They created more than 100 pieces of art in the classes. We held the exhibition in the school and awarded the excellent works with certificates and prizes.

Wall painting draft and the Mural Puzzle

The project fundraised their own fund by the direct sponsors who purchased the puzzle pieces of the original painting draft of the mural to be painted at Magoso School.


Mural Profile

Mural at MAGOSO School in Nirobi, Kenya
5 Dec 2010
200 x 2,000 cm


Kensuke Miyazaki
Keisuke Ono
Project Assistant
Ocketch, Collins, Stephen
Daisuke Fukui, Soichiro Gokan
Study Tour member
Matsuji Yoshimura, Risa Suzuki, Kana Kikuchi, Kaori Sikoda, Hitomi Hayasaka, Midori
Project Coordinator
Chiaki Hayakawa, MAGOSO School, International NGO Amani ya Africa Kenya
Participating Artists
Daichi Konaka, wato♪, Tatsushi Takizawa, Genshi Ueda, Hiroshi Miyazaki, Naotake Saito, Kenji Yoshida, HAMU, Daisuke Yamada.


Itinerary – in Kenya

Arrival at Nirobi, the capital city of Kenya
Mural Making in MAGOSO School in Kibera
Move to Mombasa
11/20 – 11/21
Mural painting in Miritini JUMBA LA WATOTO
Travel back to Nirobi
11/25 – 12/4
Mural Making and Painting Class in MAGOSO School in Kibera
Unveiling ceremony for the mural painting
Painting Class in Moyo Children Center
Return to Japan


Hosted by: Over the Wall-world mural project
Sponsored by: Amani ya Africa INPO; MAGOSO School; Chiaki Hayakawa; Tsukuba University; Pentel Corp; Sanctuary Publishing Inc; Olinas Kinsicho; Tsukuba City Women’s Club; Kanto Shoji Corp; Joetsu University of Education fuzoku Junior High School; Kinshi Junior High School of Sumida; Saga kita High School Cultural Federation; Saga Tamaya; Unnan City Hall; Gallery Saika; Gallery Conceal Shibuya; Baobab: The Box Latte: Izakaya Furukawa; Tabisan – Tsunagu Corp,