Over the Wall

01Over the Wall – Concept

An Artist Kensuke Miyazaki has painted the murals all over the world.
In the process of creating these murals, he strongly felt the potential of painting murals with local people.
This feeling led to the establishment of the “Over the Wall World Mural Project” (hereinafter referred to as “Over the Wall”), a project that uses painting to support children and communities in need around the world.
“Over the Wall” creates murals in countries and regions around the world every year, and also conducts activities to connect the world through painting, such as workshops and interactions between Japanese children and local children of the regions.

02Completion Ceremony for the Mural

After the mural is completed, we hold a completion party to celebrate its completion. By showing the mural, which was created together with local people, to as many people as possible, we hope to make it widely known as a symbol of friendship with Japan.
Participants in the mural project, local residents, and people from embassy are invited to the event to celebrate on a grand scale.

03Flag Relay Workshop and art workshop

Over the Wall leaves a mural in one country each year, and each country creates a flag to be delivered to the children in the next country.
The children of the previous year’s host country create a flag to be delivered to the children of that year’s host country. Then in the host country, children also create flags to be delivered to the next country, and art workshops are held for children using art materials brought from Japan, connecting the countries that Over the Wall will visit.


ArtistKensuke Miyazaki

Video & Photo grapherChanghun Lee

DesignIto Taichi

DesignOkita Moemi

Web siteGokan Soichiro

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