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Centro de Rehabilitación Femenino

Mural Project in Ecuador

Project Overview

Currently there are 47 inmates serving sentences at the Centro de Rehabilitación Femenino, a rehabilitation center for women in Quitumbe, in the Ecuador capital of Quito. Inside this center’s walls is a facility for children of the inmates where 45 babies and young children, who have no-one else to care for them, reside with their mothers. Miyazaki learnt about this children’s facility from Ayumi Miyaura, who worked there as a volunteer in 2003-2004, and he began this project with the wish to provide a bright, hope-giving mural for the young children who are spending their young lives there unable to leave the walls. This project has already been recognized as a project for the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ecuador and Japan, and he has received invitations from the Ecuador Ministry of Justice, Human Rights and Religious Affairs and the Embassy of Ecuador in Japan.

Project Goal!

Mural size: Height 4m x Length 30m (The location will be on a wall inside a woman’s rehabilitation center. It will be placed near the childcare facility and can be seen from inside that facility as well.)

Miyazaki wishes to create a bright, cheerful mural so that the children living in the closed environment of the rehabilitation center can have some positive memories of their childhood. Further, many of the women who are incarcerated there had to become drug carriers because of poverty or lack of education; issues that affect vulnerable people in Ecuador and makes them turn to crime. The aim of creating the mural together is to let the mothers and children take part together in heartwarming communication and, through this, help the women to think positively about their lives and being with their children once they have re-entered society.
At the same time, we will organize a live action painting of the “100th Anniversary Car” (a vehicle provided by ISUZU Motor Ltd) during the Japan Festival, as part of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Ecuador, and to which approximately 15,000 people are expected to attend. This festival is aimed at improving relations between the two countries and the art to be produced and then donated at this event will symbolize these ties. The creation of murals and workshops will also be conducted in Quito. Further, pictures drawn by children all over Japan will be presented to children who suffered due to the 2016 Ecuador Earthquake, creating an opportunity for the children of Ecuador and Japan to communicate with the art acting as a bridge.

Project Details

Mural for the Childcare Facility of a Women’s Rehabilitation Center

A mural featuring colorful art full of hope will be created together with the inmates and their children on a wall measuring 4m x 30m in a rehabilitation center. Based on the theme, ‘The love of a mother and child’, and with support from the project staff, this mural will take 2 weeks to complete. Events will be held at the start of creating the mural and at its completion, with ample time given to convey the significance of the creation of the mural.

“100th Anniversary Car” painting

During the Japan Festival we will paint the “100th Anniversary Car” in bright colors. The vehicle will be provided by ISUZU Motors Limited as a symbol of the friendship between Ecuador and Japan. The car will drive around the town of Quito while the mural inside of the rehabilitation center will be painted. It will be seen by many more people than the rehabilitation center painting as this will have limited access by the general public.

Painting Workshops

Painting workshops, using materials kindly provided by Sakura Color Products Corporation, will be held for the children at the women’s rehabilitation center, children in Quito City, and students at José Joaquín de Olmedo Elementary School. The children can express themselves freely and those who draw particularly exceptional works will receive awards. The completed pieces will be displayed in Japan.

Exchange Program
with an Elementary School Damaged
in the 2016 Ecuador Earthquake

Art with the theme ‘Fireworks’, aimed as a testament to those who lost their lives and to give hope to those who survived a natural disaster, will be created by children from all over Japan, including from Kawaguchi City in Saitama Prefecture, Okinoshima in Shimane Prefecture, Saga City in Saga Prefecture, and Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture, and then given to José Joaquín de Olmedo Elementary School, which was damaged in the 2016 Ecuador Earthquake. Further, to give encouragement to the children at that school, a painting workshop will be held with the aim of deepening the friendship between Japan and Ecuador.

Firework Painting Workshop Schedule

2017 11 November Kawaguchi Art Gallery ATLIA, Saitama Prefecture
14 November Ama Junior High School, Shimane Prefecture(All students)
15 November Chibu Elementary and Junior High School, Shimane Prefecture(All students)
2018 1 July Gifte! “Kids Artist Workshop- Drawing a huge mural and delivering to the world”
14 July Mebuki Nursing home, Saga Prefecture
4 August Andanchi, Miyagi Prefecture

Creation of a Relay Flag

Every year, through the Over the Wall project, a mural is created in a different country and a flag is made to pass on to the children of the next country. During the last project, the children of School No. 68 in Maruipol City, Ukraine, created a flag to give to the children of Ecuador. A flag is also planned to be made in Ecuador to be passed on to children at the next project location.

Opening reception for the Ukraine mural project/ Ambassador Sumi of the Japan Embassy in Ukraine, UNHCR Representative in Ukraine Pablo, and Ukraine Minister of Culture Nyshchuk participated.

Mural Opening Ceremony

In order for as many people as possible to celebrate the completion of the mural, an opening reception will be held at the women’s rehabilitation center. The people who created the mural, Ecuador Government officials, Japan Embassy representatives, and local citizens will join together to celebrate the creation of a mural depicting the ties between Ecuador and Japan.


1 February
Project Press Release
1 April
Kick-off Event / GLOCAL CAFE
8 April
Kick-off Event / Saga International Plaza
8 April
Kickstarter Crowdfunding starts (Project accomplished 15 May)
21 August
Travel to Ecuador
25 – 26 August
Participation in Japan Festival
29 August – 13 September
Mural creation and workshop at the women’s rehabilitation center
14 September
Mural project followed by the Opening Ceremony
17 – 18 September
Workshop at José Joaquín de Olmedo Elementary School
23 September
Arrive back in Japan



Organized by Over the Wall
Kensuke Miyazaki (Artist)
Takuya Yamada (Executive director)
Daisuke Fukui (Treasurer)
Miki Hayashi
Natsuyo Iwami
Bab Naoaki
Keisuke Ono (Photographer)
Changhun Lee, Minuk Song (Videographer)
Soichiro Gokan (Web designer)
Taichi Ito, Moe Okita (Graphic designer)
Yota Mukaiyachi
Manami Haruyama
Yukiko Sakurada
Ai Abe
Yujin Lee
Iabel Faccini
Yasutoshi Saito

  • Under the auspice of: Ministry of Justice, Human Rights, and Cultures in Ecuador, The Embassy of Ecuador in Japan, Embassy of Japan in Ecuador
  • Subsidy : Soroptimist in SAGA
  • Sponsor : Isuzu Motors Limited, Sakura Color Products Corp, Co., Ltd., Mirai Kikaku Corp., Puropera Co., Ltd., KOMABA, Kogumakai, Sagasiki Co.,Ltd, Pinturas Condor, Ishizaka Inc. EWM Japan, LTD., Casa Emmaus, Hoshino Ojisama Museum, Meguki Nursing home, Socueus Co.,Ltd.,
  • Support: Centro de Rehabilitación Femenino women’s rehabilitation center, Japan-Ecuador 100th
    Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Committee, José Joaquín de Olmedo Elementary School, General Motors Company, ITOCHU Corporation, Mirai School Co.,Ltd., Saga International Plaza, GIMICA, Plan International. SUMIDA KINDERGARTEN, Vectculture Inc.,
  • Local cooperation : Nao Takahashi, Irma Ortiz
  • Special Cooperation : Ayumi Miyaura (ARRIBA), Sachi Negami